The Kodact

Erreichte Phase:   Vorschluss
Teilnahme:   2014
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The Kodact (Boygroup), we’re a four-headed beast ready to rape your ears with mindblowing awesomeness packed in sound waves of damnation. Maybe not that literally but you should definitely listen to some of our stuff which we’ve decided to call pop music for the moment, we’re open for suggestions though so please feel free to contact the band. We, that is four boys from the beautiful southern coast of lake Zurich, Cédric Brühlmann, Tobias Frehner, Lukas Hunziker and Michael Goldberg. Basically we’re one of those bands where a couple of guys who’ve known each other for a while come together and decide to make some music (which happened in 2013, just so you know). That’s really all. We just started the damn band, what do you expect? For the future, we expect to be playing at hyde park, right after pretty much any main beaches we can get on. And maybe realease a single before that, maybe two. We’re planning to sell t-shirts too soon, for the moment the only ones available are some old used ones we don’t wear anymore. Also we sell used guitar strings and broken jacktojack cables, so yeah.