Vermillion Rouge

Erreichte Phase:   Final
Teilnahme:   2011
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For the last four years, the band Vermillion Rouge has been meeting more or less regularly (usually to prepare for a little gig) in a badly-lit basement, with a more or less basement-rock’n’roll sound. Drummer Luca and singer/guitarist Andrea have known each other ever since they started taking music lessons at the same school. But during high school is when things really got rolling: Luca started playing in a band but then, looking to try something new, decided in 2005 to start a group with Andrea, with whom he shared a passion for the music of the ’60 and ’70 and the great musicians that marked the history of rock and blues. â?¨As if by fate, they met Yuki, former second guitarist, and Alberto, bassplayer, both friends from school.
When you get the offer to play at a friends (birthday)party, well, you simply can’t refuse! And that’s how the pre-Vermillion Rouge (the name hadn’t yet been decided on) found themselves at the brink of their live debut with a mix of their own songs as well as covers from both recent and more classic bands such as the Strokes, Arctic Monkeys,  Jet, Iggy Pop, Velvet Underground, Elvis Presley amongst others.