The Three Sum

Erreichte Phase:   Normal
Teilnahme:   2011
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The Three Sum is an alternative rock band from Switzerland that is currently consisting of band members Pascal (Guitars), singer and bassist Flavio as well as guitarist Can Ali who also provides backing vocals. Since early 2010, Kenny is the new drummer to complete the line-up.

Existing since the fateful winter of 2009, The Three Sum combine a lot of different styles from modern rock music. Most songs are balancing rock'n'roll and epic punk anthems together which always translate into catchy party tunes as well as dreamy ballads to drift with. Each member played in rockbands before and they also shared the stage together. This is how The Three Sum really came about as a bandproject and immediately turned into top priority. Their very first song Snow is already to be considered a milestone. To create magic, it had to be three of them twisting songideas through their minds which gave them their bandname. The Three Sum released their first EP Queen Age Road in 2010 and also filmed and released their debut music video for the song Snow.