Erreichte Phase:   Normal
Teilnahme:   2010
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Creating „Shame-on-u“ was a simple process. First, Marco Latino started a band together with Dominik Rohrer (former school friend) named „Redback Spiders“.
Two other members then joined the band and they started to write a few songs. As time went by, Marco and Dominik realized they weren’t heading in the right direction with this formation. Motivation and drive just seemed to be missing.

A few weeks later Marco and Dominik left the band and started another project called „Attitude“. Ruben Baumgartner, also a friend from school days, joined up as a drummer. At the same time they met Daniel Germann and he sat in at a jam session. Daniel was immediately taken on as a singer. But unfortunately, they were still missing a bass player. During this period they composed and wrote their first songs like „About A Girl“, „Advice“ and „Bad News“.

Time flew by and they still didn’t find a bass player, so Daniel took the initiative and thought himself to play. Now Marco also started vocals and the band took on a whole new shape. From this moment on Marco and Daniel sang alternately and have kept up this pattern until today.