Erreichte Phase:   Final
Teilnahme:   2010
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“After years of running through the effin’ dark we suddenly found ourselves out in bright sunlight. We killed the past that kept us imprisoned and found the place we now call home. And it all happened so suddenly. That is what “RUN OF THE KILL” means to me right now.

Technically though, “RUN OF THE KILL” on its own has got as many faces as meanings. Mainly it tells stories about how easily we lose touch with our inner self if we walk through life in an unaware state – about how fast your HEART & SOUL will wither if you don’t PUMP UP THE VOLUME of their voices for them to SING about their blossom and DANCE IN JOY! For only what these two friends are telling you is what should have an impact on your actions in life! Heart… and Soul… and Libido, maybe :D

Your heart is a star, so LET IT SHINE!
Your soul is a canvas, so PAINT IT!

RUN OF THE KILL is taking no lives – ironically ;) – and no prisoners… We are spreading a positive message! We are a free clan of musicians that celebrate life and being given the chance to savor every single second that we are here.